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  • Working with Nick has completely changed my life. My goal was to find a balance in my life that would allow me to focus on becoming physically and mentally healthier. After 5 weeks of private training, twice a week (1 day of yoga and 1 day of strength training), I have felt a tremendous change in my body and mind. As a result, I am happier, have more energy, and feel stronger than I have in a very long time.

    Allison M. Marketing Director, San Francisco, CA

  • Nick creates and amazing environment where you feel safe to express yourself freely! His online course embodies this so well and helps me incorporate meditation and mindfulness into my everyday. I am a student who works part time and Nicks program has helped me become more aware of what is actually at the root of my stress.

    Sara G. Student, Los Angeles, CA

  • There have been many instances where Nick has gone past his duties as a trainer and has become a friend. I recommend Nick to anyone who wants to get serious about their health and learning more about their body and mind.

    Jason S. Marketing Director, San Francisco, CA

  • "Working with Nick has changed me and my life. I came to him stressed out of my mind with an anxiety that constricted my chest and knotted my stomach daily. After six months of his stress management coaching, I have achieved a lightness of being that I did not know was possible. The experience also gave me the awareness and courage to make major changes to align my life with my intentions."

    Maura B. Journalist, San Francisco, CA

  • Nick's experience and expertise in yoga, fitness training, nutrition, and wellness coaching help shape his holistic approach to managing stress. From meditation, to breath work and everything in between, Nick equips you with tools to make the changes you want in your life... ultimately leading to less stress and more joy. :)

    Jackie C. Sales Director, Emeryville, CA

  • "He's as good as it gets, and he 'gets it'. He's authentic, honest, caring and real with you, and in our sessions together, he has helped me make some important realizations and effective changes. Nick is a compassionate listener, and you can tell he's really there with you, engaged in what you're saying."

    Jordan Y. Finance Manager, San Francisco, CA

About the founder | Nick Palladino-King | E-RYT 500, NASM-CPT, Pn1.

At 6’7’’, 225 pounds and an attitude on life that is anything but small, Nick teaches others how to reduce stress, increase happiness and master their own lives through yoga, movement and life coaching.

He doesn’t teach yoga poses, he teaches students how to be in yoga poses.

E-RYT-500As a former corporate manager and college athlete, Nick has lived first hand with the pressures that stress, deadlines and expectations can create in life. In response, he has spent the last decade studying how to improve health and the human experience.

He’s here now to inspire, teach and lead others towards their own light and life purpose. Are you ready?

Nick is the co-owner of Tribe SF- Fitness and Yoga. He is a public speaker for companies, events and private seminars in the Bay Area and is seen as a leader in the field of corporate wellness, mindfulness and stress management. He also resides as a lead yoga teacher trainer for Sri Yoga.

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