4 Reasons to Salute the Sun

The Sun salutation is one of the most popular poses in Yoga. Most people love how it brings multiple benefits, from getting you warmed up quickly to grounding.

Here is a quick look at the 5 popular reasons to salute the Sun.

* You can do them anywhere. As long as you have space the size of a yoga mat, you can do some quick Sun salutes. You don’t need any gear and you can do them in your bedroom, a hotel room, even at the park.

* Sun salutes consist of a few poses that are easy to remember. After you have done them a few times, they are generally pretty easy to recall.

* They get you warmed up quickly. You move a lot and use several muscles when you do a sun salutation. This is why Sun salutes have remained one of the first things to do when practicing yoga. Sun salutations prepare you well to do all the other yoga poses.

* Sun salutations are incredibly grounding. They use your breath to make you more mindful. It may not always be possible to sit down and meditate. But a few Sun salutations can immediately bring you peace of mind and tranquility.

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