5 Big Takeaways From 2015

2015 was a big, powerful year for myself and as a result for many of my students and private clients alike. I’m not saying that to brag but to highlight the main theme of “The Big Yogi”;
Inspire, Move and Transform. My perspective and teachings revolve around the principal of filling yourself up first in order to be of greater value and service to the community and the world. The power to make change starts with the ability to inspire yourself to move towards transformation. You have got to get clear on who you want to be and how you want your life to be, then you can take this energy and purpose outward and share it. This blog represents my takeaways and personal experience with these principals and teachings over the past year and is in the first person for this reason. I offer myself as a tool for you to reflect on your own big takeaways from 2015.
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“Sober January” 5 Reasons To Get On Board.

At the start of every new year, my buddies and I challenge each other to complete the year’s most difficult goal- “Sober January.” The rules are simple; drink one sip of alcohol from Jan.1st-Jan. 31st and you owe $100 to the pot. If anyone makes it to the end (which I usually don’t) they get to split the pot from the other losers. We make the money buy-in $100 as this gives value and an added reason to not drink. Let’s be honest, a $20 penalty simply wouldn’t be enough to keep us away from the ol’ bottle. We also do it as a group, purposely. Here’s 5 reasons why;
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The Power of Intention: How do you want to be?

“Thoughts become things.” It’s a cheesy line from The Secret, but it’s a dead accurate statement. Notice everything around you, notice everything that has been created. From a huge skyscraper to the electronic device you are reading this on, It was all once just a pipe dream. Everything that’s been created started as a thought, an idea, an intention. It took the foresight, dream and effort of someone to create that which had never been created before. This is how thoughts become things, this represents the power of intention.
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