Stretch Past Your Comfort Zone

“Reach for your toes! Stretch your hamstrings! Now, stay there and breathe through the discomfort.”

Sound familiar? If you have attended a yoga class, and especially if you have tight hamstrings, you know the internal frenzy that can arise when the teacher cues the class into a funny position, then, with the softest voice, invites everyone to relaaax into the discomfort and even to enjoy it.

When I started practicing yoga, I could barely reach past my knees. It made practicing anything but relaxing. At times, it was borderline torturous. For the first few years, I got so uncomfortable and wound up that I used to look around the room and get pissed off at everyone. I judged the teacher and the flexible women. Hell, I even judged myself for being in class.
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How to Create Your Life’s Dreams: 3 Tips to Getting it Done.

Last week marked my completion of another 50 hour block of advanced yoga training; which I have been taking part in for the past year. I spent the week really getting to know my mind, including all of its little tricks and all the ways it tries to hide things from me. It was also an opportunity to evaluate the areas of my life that are working and uncover the aspects that aren’t.  Overall, the experience has created a desire to share some of my takeaways from the week, not only to put down on paper what I think I have learned, but also to inspire others to become happier and healthier through the process.

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10 Limiting Words You Should Never Say (hint that’s two already)

Thoughts become things, plain and simple. The way you think and the way you speak determine how your world looks, how you feel on the inside and how others perceive you on the outside. If there is one thing many successful people all have in common is that they keep things moving forward; they think positively about the outcomes they desire to achieve and they convey this with their verbal and non-verbal body language. Many of us have what are called “limiting beliefs” which are in essence mental constraints we put on ourselves. A limiting belief can be about anything, something as simple as saying “I can’t do 10 pushups” to something as deep as thinking “I always date the wrong person.” Both are self-made fallacies, they are only true if you believe them to be. So what does all of this have to do with 10 words to remove from your vocabulary? Well, if you’ve noticed- I’ve already used four of them.

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