Getting Clean: 10 Simple Steps to Generate Global Change

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened.”

The Buddhist poster emblazoning this quote on my office wall is a simple decoration from Ross. But it lights a flame inside me every time that I read it.

It reminds me to shine bright in the face of fear. It reminds me to accept the good and the bad.

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Yogis Don’t Eat Tacos III: Yoga Is a Lie

In my near decade of practicing, studying and now teaching the art and science of yoga I have come to a deep and controversial stand- yoga is a lie. Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly, yoga is a big fat lie. Part of me feels frustrated and upset to have dedicated a large percentage of my life, career and faith into a practice that has lied to me for many years, another part of me just sits back and laughs as more of the veil becomes removed. The modern practice of yoga has become so convoluted and so loaded with connotation that it’s to the point of being a big joke. To understand why I’m making this claim, here’s the first thing you need to know: Yoga means “union” or “to yoke”, it does not mean poses or “asana”. In fact, poses only make up 1/8 of the total scope of yoga (and that’ s Hatha yoga to be exact, as there are numerous other forms). The word yoga brings up thoughts of hippies, blonde babes in Lululemon pants, handstands, hot and sweaty rooms and teachers who are borderline insane. For all of these reasons and more, the word yoga has become a product, a commodity and a misguided movement. But just to be clear, here’s 5 reasons why modern yoga is a lie.
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The Power of Intention: How do you want to be?

“Thoughts become things.” It’s a cheesy line from The Secret, but it’s a dead accurate statement. Notice everything around you, notice everything that has been created. From a huge skyscraper to the electronic device you are reading this on, It was all once just a pipe dream. Everything that’s been created started as a thought, an idea, an intention. It took the foresight, dream and effort of someone to create that which had never been created before. This is how thoughts become things, this represents the power of intention.
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Yoga: Love it! Hate it!

This Is Bullshit!

Written by: Billy Palladino, Certified Personal Trainer and yogi nubile.

“Forget this class!” I said to myself during last week’s yoga class.

Starting from the first pose and moving into a downward dog, I immediately began to feel my body and mind resisting. I was cranky, both physically and emotionally, not wanting to take part in any pose the instructor directed us into. I told myself that I needed to relax, breathe, and “lock it up.” I had come to class ready to breathe in the good and release the bad. Every week I’ve been progressing, becoming more flexible and stronger in all areas of my body- particularly in the backside of my body from my feet to my head (posterior chain) and my hip-flexors. I had every reason to believe I was going to walk out of class feeling accomplished and relaxed, but when the exact opposite happened, I was taken back by surprise. I had no idea that yoga could have such a negative effect on my mood and overall well-being.

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